What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

Our standard beer bottles are available from as few as a single pallet via one of our worldwide distributors. We can deliver standard beer bottles directly from approx. 300k units per annum or bespoke beer bottles can be produced from as little as 500k units.

Are Your Beer Bottles Suitable For Fermented Beer?

Our beer bottles are usually tested to a minimum of 3.0 bar so they are suitable for carbonated or fermented beverages. Please check the specification drawing or ask our sales team for specific bottle testing.

How Much Would It Cost To Have A Bespoke Beer Bottle?

We try to keep the tooling cost of our bespoke options as low as possible, providing the smaller brewers the opportunity to have customised packaging.

Option 1

Fully Bespoke Design

Approx. £24k - FROM 500K UNITS

Total mould life is estimated to be 13 million units, depending on the number of production runs. Beatson Clark maintain the moulds throughout their life.

Option 2

Customised Standard Design

Approx. £12k - FROM 150K UNITS

We share part of the equipment with one of our standard products – this restricts the basic shape and dimensions of the bottle but means you can have your brewery name or logo embossed on the bottle, add a textured finish to the bottle, or even alter the profile of the bottle slightly.

What Colour Glass Do You Produce?

We manufacture both white flint (clear) and amber (brown) glass spirit bottles.


Our dark Amber glass is perfect for beers, ales and ciders as it offers over 90% protection from UV rays that will harm your product.

You can also use decoration techniques such as spray coating or sleeving to change the colour of your glass container, which we can arrange for you.

Is Your Glass Made With Recycled Content?

Yes, Beatson Clark uses an average of 45% recycled material to make its Amber glass containers and 30% for White Flint (post-consumer).


The content includes recovered bottled and jars for recycling in the UK, imported recycled glass and calumite. A recycled material itself, calumite is used to aid refining, enabling the glass to be melted at a lower temperature and replace some virgin raw materials.

Over 40% of our recycled content is processed through its on-site recycling plant, thereby tightening the recycling loop and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition, Beatson Clark also recycles internally generated glass waste products (post-industrial cullet) in the mix to make new glass bottles and jars which increases the recycled content to over 60%.

Where On The Bottle Can You Emboss?

We can emboss around the shoulder, on the base or anywhere on the body of the bottle that is not a contact point. This is to avoid damaging the embossing during transportation/filling etc.

Do you provide decoration such as closures or labelling?

We can offer many decoration options such as:


Spray coating



Pressure Sensitive Labelling

Decoration Arrow

What Restrictions Are There On Lightweighting?

We always look for opportunities to lightweight our products where possible however it all depends on the shape, weight and nature of any embossing on the container. Heavily embossed items are harder to lightweight.

You are essentially removing glass from the design so this could mean a slight difference in the dimensions, shape or fill capacity. Our glass design team will talk you through all your options, should this be something you are interested in for your beer bottle.

Several of our standard beer bottles are already lightweighted.

What protection do your glass containers offer from ultra violet light?


Beatson Clark's amber glass offers fantastic protection for your product. The dark amber colour blocks over 90% of harmful UV rays, which makes it perfect for products that can be affected by light.

Glass is already an inert and safe packaging material, however this added protection increases the shelf life of a product.

What Quality Certifications Do You Have?

As well as investing in all the latest vision-based inspection equipment we are also certified to the following standards:


Where Are Your Beer Bottles Made?

All our beer bottles are manufactured in the UK at our site in South Yorkshire.

What Are Your Lead Times?

For stock items we can usually deliver within 72 hours in the UK.

If you require a bespoke or customised product the development time would take approximately 20 weeks, however we do have the option to fast track some products.

Production lead times are subject to availability. Please check with our sales team.

How Are Your Beer Bottles Packed?

All our glass beer bottles are bulk palletised and shrink wrapped.


For full packaging specifications please contact our sales department.